Helping the Monks

The monks spend most of their time inside the pagoda, waking up very early for prayers, receiving worshippers, giving blessings and attending ceremonies, especially funerals. They always receive food from the visitors and, when there is plenty, they distribute the leftovers among the dogs and cats living in and around the pagoda.

Josette has got used to having monks around her when feeding and treating the cats. It didn’t take long for her however to realize that it was not only the cats and dogs that needed medical attention…

Soon after she started looking after the pagoda cats, the monks, and especially the boy monks, came to Josette, asking her to check and treat their burns, cuts and various wounds. She always carries a first-aid kit with her and has become skillful at cleaning and disinfecting a wound and making bandages with no physical contact with the monk (in Theravada Buddhist Cambodia, if a woman touches a monk, he automatically loses all his merits!).